SS8000 Pro System Stereo (Optical Audio Kit)
  • Complete kit for tactical stereo audio surveillance
  • Combines optical microphones and optical stethoscopes
  • Non-detectable, high SNR microphone and stethoscope
  • Through-wall audio surveillance including false walls with special needle kit
  • Battery or external power operated
  • Absolute EMI/RFI immunity
  • Optional DSP removes ambient noise
  • Optional built-in micro-SD recorder
SS8000 Pro System Stereo (Optical Audio Kit)

The SS8000 Pro System Stereo (Optical Audio Kit) combines an all-in-the-box tactical stereo audio listening solution based on Winkelmanns unique optical technology for through-air and through-wall audio surveillance. The kit contains dual FOS and FOM components, as well as "optional" selectable real-time DSP-based ambient noise removal capability of up to 22dB.

The SS8000 includes two FOS (Fiber Optic Stethoscope) sensors that enable listening through: concrete walls, doors and windows without the need to be inside the place. The SS8000 also includes a unique needle kit for using the FOS when listening through false (plaster) walls. The FOS sensor is ideal for permanent installation as it is waterproof and it can't be detected by conventional devices.

The SS8000 also comprises two FOM (Fiber Optic Microphone) sensors, which are high quality undetectable microphone used for covert and overt purposes. The FOM records a wide range of audio signals from whispering and typing on keyboard to regular conversations. The optical head does not contain any metal, and the electronic component is connected remotely via an optical cable. These factors make the microphone undetectable by conventional devices; therefore it is optimal for law enforcement applications.

The Dual Channel EOU300 supports monitoring with two sensors simultaneously. It features two pairs of ST-style fiber optic connectors; two 3.5mm stereo sockets (one for stereo analog output, another for headphones); dual volume control knobs; green/red LED voltage indicator. The Dual Channel EOU350 DSP model provides up to 22dB of real-time ambient noise removal (three levels: low, mid, high). Unit is powered either by internal batteries or external DC power supply.

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  • Designed for SWAT, Special Task Forces, to capture audio
  • Monitoring two separate locations
  • Stereo fidelity binaural recording
  • Remote monitoring of structure-borne audio signals
  • Listening through walls
  • Homeland Security
  • High RFI or EMI areas