Kingfisher Fiber Optic Microphone SOM5
  • Robust design suited to industrial applications
  • Absolute EMI/RFI immunity
  • Completely passive sensor with no metal or electrical parts
  • Linear response at up to 140 dB SPL
  • Extended frequency response
  • High reliability and environmental stability
  • Optical fiber connection over extended lengths without signal loss
  • Exceptionally low sensitivity to vibration
Kingfisher Fiber Optic Microphone SOM(5) SPL

Fiber optic microphone for indoor and outdoor acoustic monitoring of signals with sound pressure levels (SPL) as high as 140 dB. Ideal for industrial use, placement in heavy machinery, or where the microphone requires very robust housing and fiber cables.

The SOM(5) SPL system comprises of an advanced fiber optic microphone & single-channel electro-optic unit (EOU200), for digital-to-analog conversion of optical microphone output signals. The Single Channel EOU 200 with enhanced electronics box. It features two analog outputs (one with volume control for headphones, another with fixed gain for monitoring equipment); one pair of ST-style fiber optic connectors; two 3.5 mm sockets (one for analog output, another for headphones); green/red LED voltage indicator. DSP model provides up to 22 dB of real-time ambient noise removal (three levels: low, mid, high). Unit is powered either by internal battery or external DC power supply.

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  • Hazardous area SPL measurement
  • Industrial equipment monitoring
  • High voltage electrical utilities
  • Oil and gas detection sites
  • Highly explosive areas
  • High RF areas
  • Severe electromagnetic fields