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Kingfisher Fiber Optic Microphone SOM3
Features Kingfisher SOM3 Fibre Optic Microphone Applications
  • Small, lightweight MEMS design
  • Absolute EMI/RFI immunity
  • Completely passive sensor with no metal or electrical parts
  • Extended frequency response
  • High reliability and environmental stability
  • Optical fiber connection over extended lengths without signal loss
  • Exceptionally low sensitivity to vibration

The Security Optical Microphone has uses in machine and equipment monitoring, particularly in hostile environments, and in overt or covert security surveillance applications.

The only part of the Security Optical Microphone present in the monitored area is the tip of an inert 6mm diameter cylinder. In overt or covert security surveillance, whether used as a back-up device supporting other overt recording technology, as a covert unit or as an overt, albeit concealed device, the combination of innovative opto technology with advanced signal processing and conditioning has produced a device with many advantages over more traditional approaches.

For applications where evidence gathering is the primary objective, the high quality of the captured sound recording and the wide coverage achieved by the unit make it a very useful addition to the equipment portfolio.

Where there is no benefit in thin, transparent fiber cable, we recommend the more robust Kevlar reinforced 3mm PVC cable.

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  • High fidelity signal monitoring
  • High RF areas
  • Aerospace measurements
  • MRI scanners for communication between doctor and patient, doctor and doctor and for fMRI (functional MRI tests)
  • Monitoring in EMI areas (electro magnetic fields) e.g. research and test labs.
  • Monitoring in Hazardous areas, like chemical plants, power plants, nuclear plants and the likes for shock, vibration, alignment of machinery etc.