EOD V Flexible Endoscope (Fiberscope) Search Kit
  • Working length from 400mm to 2700mm
  • 2-way tip articulation in 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 4mm & 6mm diameter
  • Excellent light transmission
  • 90° side view tip adapter (optional)
  • Clever lever controls to allow real one-handed operation
  • Sensitive zero-point of the articulation
  • Liquid tight probe up to 1 bar
  • Tungsten braid outer covering for tough industrial use
  • Miniature 3W LED light source
EOD V Flexible Endoscope Search Kit

The EOD V Flexible Endoscope (Fiberscope) is designed and especially suited for use in small inspection areas e.g. drill holes, injection valves, internal cavities, castings, engines or turbine blades.

All EOD V Flexible Endoscopes (Fiberscopes) are equipped with a 32mm standard DIN eyepiece that can be focused. The visible marks in the eyepiece can be used for orientation and allow safe and accurate navigation within the inspection object. Besides the excellent direct-view feature, the interchangeable 90° side view tip adapter offers new examination options.

The ergonomic hand piece allows right and left handed people a precise, real one-handed operation. Due to the special mechanics there are only minimal hand movements needed by the operator. Every contact made with the inspection item at the probe head are immediately realized and will be conducted to the zero-position of the articulation.

The articulation section is very bendable and in the area of the probe head of the flexible endoscope (fiberscope) the movement is very precise and the articulation is maximum. This is very important when using the flexible endoscope (fiberscope) in applications when guiding through tight radiuses. The control is permanently limited; this also extends the lifetime of the product.

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  • Remote visual inspection
  • Research & development
  • Aircraft and ship inspection & maintenance
  • Turbine blade and wave guide inspection
  • UV curing and crack detection (NDT)
  • Examination of internal structures without teardown, or for "machine vision" applications
  • Engineer search teams, inspection of hazardous areas