GSM Mobile Phone Detector
  • One button controls all functions
  • Advanced signal filtering and microprocessor-based signal analysis give fast, accurate detection
  • Internally powered from two AAA batteries
  • Intelligent power management ensures long battery life
  • Fast flashing LEDs indicate that a call or a network signal is being detected
  • 2G & 3G alarms shown separately
  • LED bar-graph indicates the detected signal level
  • Automatic display dimming with 20:1 range
  • Cadenced vibration alert for covert handheld use
  • Low/High sensitivity for near/far field detection
  • Latched alarm for unattended monitoring
  • Directional antenna (optional) for accurate pinpoint direction finding
GSM196 Cellular Detector

The GSM196 monitors the (E)GSM900, GSM1800 and WCDMA/UMTS 2100(3G) bands. It is designed to detect the presence of unauthorised mobile phones and then help locate them.

A 9-LED signal level display shows the strongest signal detected and helps to guide the operator to its source. This eases searching where several signals may be present. A cadenced vibrator (switchable and controllable) allows for covert use.

The GSM196 distinguishes between Network signals (text messages and registrations), GSM Calls, and 3G Calls, and indicates both current and past alarms separately for each type.

Two sensitivity ranges are provided. These are optimised for detection at a distance and location at closer ranges.

Use of nearby handheld PMR radios (walkie-talkies) is detected, 3G detection then being inhibited when they are seen to avoid spurious alarms.

For situations where greater accuracy is required and / or specific monitoring is required in areas containing multiple phones, a specially designed directional antenna SA918 system can be used with the GSM196 & GSM196A.

The GSM196A is set-up to the USA, Mexican and South American networks. This device monitors the GSM850, GSM1900, and WCDMA2100 (3G) bands.

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  • Defensive building search (where mobile phones are prohibited)
  • Detection of mobile phones in prisons and detention centres
  • TSCM (detection of surveillance devices using GSM based technology)
  • For use by security personnel in government and military establishments
  • Detection of unauthorised mobile phones
  • Security companies who need to sweep boardrooms for GSM devices
  • Nuclear sites & petrochemical facilities