Blockphone 55
  • Permanent jamming
  • Adjustable transmission power and frequencies
  • Handiness and portability
  • Software fully programmable in the frequency bands
  • Configured up to 5 bands
  • All cellular standard available including WIFI/BLUETOOTH
  • Digital power control
  • Internal re-chargeable battery
BP55 Cellular Communications Jammer

BlockPhone 55 is a high-autonomy portable jammer, designed for outdoor use. This entirely adjustable modular system allows for quick and easy use. The Blockphone 55 has been specifically designed for outdoor applications and is primarily used by engineer search teams, first responders & bomb technicians.

The BP55 is a portable low-power ruggedised smart jammer, designed in a strong ABS hard case, with external antennas.

BP55 can be equipped with 2 to 5 modules (bands), each module (band) being dedicated to a specific cellular frequency range.

In order to precisely protect the area, BP55 output power can be adjusted by the user. Each module (band) transmission power and frequency can be adjusted independently to control the jamming density.

In the event of sensitive tactical missions, several BlockPhone 55 can be used simultaneously to cover complex objectives, approx coverage per unit 10-15 meters.

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  • Preventing cellular services in small areas for security and protection of personnel
  • Engineer search teams and first responders (EOD/IED)
  • Hostage negotiations, block all civil communications in a specific area
  • Prisons and detention centres
  • Government & military establishments
  • Rapid deployment units
  • Border control